As a member of the British Commonwealth, Australia is today still subject to the British crown. Cultural influences of the former colonial power still remain distinct and, besides the indigenous traditions of Aboriginal peoples,  predominate life on the continent. With its capital city of Canberra and the metropolises Melbourne and Sydney, Australia boasts a large number of cultural and educational institutions as well as important tourist destinations. The impressive landscapes and numerous national parks, including the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site, attract a lot of tourists to the land of “down Under”.
Australia's other primary economy sectors include agriculture, the exploitation and processing of natural resources such as coal, iron ore, gold, crude oil and gas, and the services sector, a strong mainstay of the country's economic development. Growing employment rates and the expanding  communications and IT sector make Australia an interesting foreign investment destination.
Rödl & Partner provides reliable and comprehensive assistance to its clients in Australia, in collaboration with our longstanding partner with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We are well-versed with the specific challenges of the local market and are committed to finding optimum, individually tailored solutions for business ventures in all sectors.


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