Portugal's economy is being strengthened by the country's growing export ratio, with Germany being Portugal's second most important trading partner after Spain. German companies have been active in Portugal through their distribution subsidiaries and production locations since the beginning of the last century. The key investment area is the industry, employing many highly qualified workers. Consequently, motor vehicle production, medical engineering and, especially in recent years, the renewable energy sector have been the focus of German investors venturing into Portugal. At the same time, Portugal is a popular tourist destination and traditionally one of the most important markets for international tourism.
Rödl & Partner has been present in Portugal for many years via its closely associated professional services firm. With a team of about 30 experts in the audit area alone, our liaison partner belongs to one of the largest independent audit firms in Portugal. As auditors or tax consultants, the local specialists assist some of the largest Portuguese enterprises, including large state-owned public utilities. Our liaison partner also has extensive experience in tax declarations and consulting to German enterprises. Labour, commercial and company law matters are also addressed through longstanding collaboration with our multilingual Portuguese colleagues.


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