Roberto Pera

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (06) 96 70 12-70

Thomas Giuliani

Certified Tax Consultant (Italy), Certified Public Auditor (Italy)
Phone: +39 (04 71) 19 43 200

Christoph Pezzei

Certified Tax Consultant (Italy), Certified Public Auditor (Italy)
Phone: +39 (0471) 194 32 00

Rödl & Partner is one of the first European offices to create a professional team entirely dedicated to investments in green technologies & renewable energies. In Germany, one of the most advanced countries in the exploitation of renewable energies, our office has assisted some of the most important operations in the photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and biomass fields.

In Italy, Rödl & Partner has become a leader in providing legal and fiscal support, both in relation to brown-field investments, dedicated to already existing infrastructures or projects, , as well as in relation to green-field investments, dedicated to future infrastructures and projects.

In all of our Italian offices  a team of lawyers and tax advisors assist industrial and financial operators during all of the phases of the project  in addition tothe following services:

  • Support in order to obtain the necessary permits to realise energy infrastructures;
  • Legal and fiscal evaluation of the projects and support in drafting the business and financial plan
  • Support in drafting contractd and during the preliminary negotiation in view of finalizing projects (including letters of intent, development contracts, purchase deeds, rental contracts and building leases for real-estate properties and terrain where energy infrastructures will be built)
  • due diligences to assess the legal, fiscal and administrative risks connected to the projects
  • support in dealing with the competent public offices
  • assistance in relation to litigation before the Administrative Courts
  • support in drafting building contracts and conducting negotiation in order to set up  energy infrastructures
  • support in drafting contracts  and conducting negotiation for financial aid relating toenergy infrastructures
  • support in drafting sales contracts and conducting negotiation in relation to special purpose entities andbrown-field and green-field projects. 

In Italy, Rödl & Partner has also assisted both Italian and foreign private equity and venture capital funds in the acquisition of companies operating in the energy and green technologies market.

Paolo Peroni, Massimiliano Perletti, Svenja Bartels, Roberto Pera, Alessandra Mari e Giampiero Guarnerio – experts of the Energy team in Rödl & Partner are the  authors of “Quaderno sull’Investimento nel Capitale di Rischio n. 23”, published by AIFI – Italian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital called “Private Equity & Green Economy: gli investimenti nel mercato delle energie rinnovabili”, Egea editions, December 2009. For information please see the website: