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As the leading economy of Northern Africa, and clearly a leading African market together with its Nigerian and South African rivals for the lead, Egypt has gone through times of dramatic challenges. But the signs of recovery are strong: The reform concept for the modernisation and diversification of the private sector initially implemented since 2005 has been taken up again. Since the return of a certain political stability, unemployment and inflation are down, and construction and consumption are up. Foreign direct investors are returning to the Nile.

Still, challenges lie ahead in abundance. Egypt may have leading universities and one of the best-skilled labour forces among all Arab and African nations, but its inefficient public administration and endemic lack of respect for the rule of law make every foreign direct investment a complex project that needs careful preparation and comprehensive analysis.

Rödl & Partner offers professional services in the areas of legal and related compliance services in cooperation with its Cairo and Alexandria associated offices. Services are closely assisted through a dedicated team of experts for the Arab countries based at our global head office.

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