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Dr. Peter Bömelburg

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Klaus Kessler

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A sovereign state since 1991, Moldova has been consequently moving towards a free market economy with assistance from international agencies.

Notwithstanding great potential of the traditionally strong agrarian sector and multiple important reforms currently underway, Moldova continues to keep a lower profile than its neighbours Romania and Ukraine, despite its population of 4.4 million and the readily available multilingual and well-educated workforce.

With continued stabilisation and the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict, Moldova will become increasingly attractive for investments in the labour-intensive sectors. 

Rödl & Partner recognised this trend early on and offers audit, tax and legal advisory services as well as business process outsourcing (in particular the processing of large volumes of business processes in financial management and accounting) from its office in Chisinau.

We advise primarily family-owned European companies investing in Moldova, for example within the scope of joint ventures, company acquisitions, the establishment of local production operations or cross-border commerce.

Our experienced auditors, lawyers and accountants speak German, Romanian, Russian and English.

We are also a member of the Moldo-German Business Association (MDW), where we actively partake in all its activities and thus support and promote the interests of international investors in Moldova.


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