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The UK has one of the most deregulated and privatised national economies in the world. At the same time, few countries in the world have been more severely hit by the changes in the global financial environment than Great Britain. Yet London remains the largest financial centre in the world and a unique hub for financial services, major international projects and transactions. Few overseas multinational companies can afford to leave the British market aside when developing their global expansion strategies. European investment in the Midlands, for instance, has seen strong growth over the last decade.

Rödl & Partner’s UK head office is located in Birmingham. The team of experienced British, German and other international professionals looks after clients all across the United Kingdom, many of them concentrated in the Midlands and the North of England, but also in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the South of England. In line with the worldwide specialisation of the firm, Rödl & Partner offers comprehensive assurance, accounting and consulting services to overseas investors in the UK. In addition, the UK office of Rödl & Partner provides project management services for major UK business organisations and investment funds in connection with overseas investments in Europe and Asia in particular.

Specialities include drawing up and auditing annual accounts according to UK GAAP and for overseas consolidation purposes (German GAAP and other national GAAP accounts); services relating to cross-border tax planning between the UK and the home country of investors; financial management and payroll; and support for company acquisitions and joint ventures.

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