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Rödl & Partner offers audit services for financial statements prepared around the world in line with both local accounting principles and those in force where the holding company is established.

Our audit services include all that can be expected from an international auditor. Accordingly, we conduct – in accordance with the binding standards – audits of clients’ financial statements prepared according to US GAAP, IFRS, PL GAAP and HGB.

We are equally comfortable working with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), German GAAP or US GAAP anywhere in the world, guided by international experts from our global project management team.

Using expertise of our local experts we can audit financial statements prepared according to other standards, too. The unique structure of Rödl & Partner ensures that we can carry out audits worldwide to a uniformly high standard. Because we deal with colleagues within our own firm, our methods and understanding are shared, ensuring accuracy, consistency and speed.

We believe strongly in an audit approach geared towards understanding the risks of a business. We strive to give parent companies and their shareholders a full appreciation of the financial state of their business, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

More than any software tool, our approach demands highly-qualified and experienced people – in this respect we feel richly endowed.

Financial statements audit is a very complex process. But when it is performed to our rigorous standards, it enhances the value of a client’s business.

If you are

  • exploring the possibility of changing audit firms,
  • in need of an independent audit from a firm with a presence in many of the world's major business locations,
  • looking for an audit firm of a size and structure that makes you feel a highly valued client with all your subsidiaries around the world, even if you are not a blue chip, multi-billion corporation,
  • uncertain whether the audit firms appointed for your foreign subsidiaries see your group and its shareholders as their ultimate client,
  • concerned that your current auditor does not sufficiently understand the international aspect of your company to perform an effective audit.

Rödl & Partner can help you

We value the trust of our clients when they retain us to audit many or all their overseas subsidiaries – no matter how big these entities are.

Anywhere in the world, Rödl & Partner follows the strict requirements of locally applicable auditing standards and international standards on auditing (ISA). We take into account all current auditing, accounting, and reporting regulations and guidance.

Our audit clients include many medium-sized, often family-owned companies, as well as some major multinational corporations.

We offer:

  • compliance with regulations
  • advice on controls and processing system weaknesses
  • confirmation of accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions
  • independent review of externally reported information
  • accountants' reports.