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Renewable Energy – technologies for generating electricity and heat using wind, sun, biomass, hydropower or geothermal energy have became an integral part of energy policies in numerous countries. Worldwide, the renewable energy industry generates billions of Euros in turnover. As diverse as the countries are, so is the potential and emphasis of energy policies attributable to these technologies.

With regard to climate and resource policies, further development of renewable energy markets will be enforced on a national and international scale. Especially emerging countries experiencing increasing economic growth and energy demands will be seeking to benefit from renewables and reduce their dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Investors in renewable energies come from diverse backgrounds: project developers, energy suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, private equity funds, private investors, the public sector as well as water suppliers.

Our international expertise and comprehensive market knowledge for your project
Whether in a national or international context, Rödl & Partner always adapts to the specific needs of each client when providing Renewable Energy consulting services. Our goal is always the successful realization of a project or transaction.

Our interdisciplinary business model coupled with our international expertise in the field of Renewable Energies assures our clients unparalleled added value.

Our consulting services in Renewable Energies comprise of:

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