The Rödl Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server seamlessly integrates BizTalk Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011- 2016 with no installation effort on the CRM system. The Rödl Adapter delivers a handy tool for attributes mapping in a simple manner allowing visual control of the process. The solution defines all entities in the no- ambiguous way on the basis of one, entirely generic request.

Microsoft does not provide an adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011- 2016 and the integration can only be realized via an original WCF service. The original WCF Adapter does not deliver the functionality of the attribute mappings and visual control over the process. Moreover, the original WPC functionality provides only a general schema for all entities, therefore attributes can only be addressed via key value pairs with the names of specific attributes defined in advance.

Rödl Adapter in an extensive manner increases the performance and effectiveness of the integration effort. From security point of view, Rödl Adapter communicates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011- 2016 through its original WCF service. Thus, the same security rules apply as if you worked with the Microsoft native WCF service.