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Consulting and Software for exellent customer experience management and high efficiency in customer service

Targenio is a workflow-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution (cloud and on-premise) that automises the business processes in customer service and management and boosts highest service quality and cost efficiency. 

Process changes can be implemented easily. Targenio is a multi-channel solution and provides communication with customers and clients via various media.

An integrated reporting display customer service key figures, metrics and kpis in a real-time dashboard. In this way Targenio combines the benefits of a powerful workflow solution with CRM-focused functionalities and provides a unique approach. 


  • Manage complex customer service processes and modify workflows in real-time with powerful workflow designer
  • Everyday support for users in customer service and callcenter divisions through automized task management
  • Sophisticated reporting and analyses
  • Manage process improvement and continuously optimize efficiency and service quality

Targenio References

Targenio customers prove efficient customer service quality: Media-Saturn, AIDA, Thomas Cook, McDonald's, Henkel, ESPRIT, Skoda, Deutsche Post