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Airlines need to have lean, high performance customer management to realise a successful customer experience with excellent service, efficient procedures and enthusiastic passengers. Targenio from Rödl & Partner will help you decisively improve your communication with customers.

Airlines have to survive with low margins in a business environment prone to risks where economic downturns, terror attacks or natural catastrophes have a negative effect on the profit margin and require flexible business processes.

In addition, there is intense competition for German and European airlines as state-sponsored airlines from the Middle East and Asia are forcing their way into the lucrative long-haul market while low-cost airlines are competing fiercely for market share.

At the same time digitalisation continues to considerably influence the aviation industry. This has in turn resulted in fundamental structural changes which open up substantial opportunities.

Throughout these developments many airlines have so far concentrated on providing the agreed service. Yet they have little or even no information about the customers themselves. Customer retention programs can improve the situation, but are costly and are a burden on the margin.  

Targenio – the customer experience software for airlines

Customer management priorities in the field of aviation

The primary task of customer management is to promote customer loyalty to the airline. For this purpose the airlines need to provide purchase incentives which are not driven by price.

Secondly, they have to offer additional services which significantly improve their margin such as seat reservations, improved in-flight catering or transport services. Customers tend to be most receptive for these services 48 hours before departure. The offering of these additional services should be automated.

A third point is that Airlines have to reduce running costs. The use of direct sales allows airlines to bypass the commissions paid to online service providers and thus preserve their margin.

Finally, the airlines have to seek and maintain communication with customers, which is linked to the need to obtain meaningful information on their target groups.

Airlines have to…

  • react quickly
  • budget with limited resources
  • run the business with a low level of investment
  • get top grips with heterogeneous IT environments

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): the Targenio airline template

Rödl & Partner has now developed a solution together with airlines which standardises and automates the most important customer management processes. This includes feedback management, customer satisfaction management and cross and upselling functions.

All the features are especially tailored to meet the needs of airlines. The interfaces include options for ticket systems, support reports, websites and email management.

Targenio is…

  • a standard software solution based on the general customer management workflow
  • under continual development
  • highly integrative and extremely adaptable

Targenio is a very lean solution in terms of the investment, operation and implementation. Rödl & Partner offers you a one-stop shop for all services including process consulting, implementation and operation of the solution as a private cloud in our computer centre in Germany.

Customer experience software in practice

Together with our customers we define targets and benefits from the point of view of strategy and in the process make use of the basic matrix of the balanced scorecard. Our solution verifiably improves and stabilises the customer relationship, which we record using net promoter scores.


  • verifiably makes airlines more efficient and reduces costs for customer processing with the aim of increasing efficiency by 10% each year
  • is ready for operation after 3 to 9 months and with implementation and operation you save between 30% and 50% compared to conventional Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • offers security and transparency for customer service and 100% compliance with guidelines
  • achieves more than 80% of the planned key performance indicators in processes
  • is currently used by five airlines: TUIfly, Condor, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines

Get to know our airline template

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