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Targenio combines the benefits of a workflow solution for flexible implementation of your business processes with the benefits of a CRM system providing efficient customer management.

Your benefit: maximum service quality and efficiency

In this way our customers can provide individual and high-quality customer service. The service can be monitored, controlled and optimized continuously and costs can be reduced on a long-term basis.

Agile business process management with Targenio

The Targenio workflow engine enables you to implement individual business processes with the help of various process elements, workflow rules and user interfaces. In this way complex business processes such as 

  • customer management, marketing and sales
  • customer service, complaint management
  • quality management

can be transformed in modular workflows. The employees in customer service departments and call centers work with pragmatic and ideally customized processes and user interfaces for their everyday tasks. Read more>>

CRM processes for efficient customer management

The Targenio CRM processes and features correspond to the requirements of modern customer service and complaint management departments:

  • Multi-channel support
  • Mapping of CRM processes and workflows
  • Analytics and reports

With Targenio customer contacts can be processed a lot quicker and more efficient. At the same time customers will be treated as individually as possible. Targenio provides higher transparency, efficiency, more service quality in your organization and stronger customer orientation. Learn more >>