Rödl & Partner is a multi-disciplinary professional service firm offering audit, accounting, tax, legal and business consulting services. 

We help businesses with their foreign direct investment around the world. Our clients are mainly mid-tier companies with their overseas subsidiaries and international projects. Many are family-owned companies and have a substantial presence internationally. 

Rödl & Partner was established 1977 in southern Germany and has grown into 106 offices in about 49 countries. We have 1162 professionals worldwide and 4500 people, of whom 437 are attorneys or solicitors, 269 chartered accountants and 430 certified tax consultants.

The worldwide revenue of Rödl & Partner is almost equal from the three main professions. About 34% comes from audit, 33% from legal services and 27% from tax consulting. The rest is earned from accounting-related advisory services. 

In Germany Rödl & Partner ranks as the sixth largest accounting firm and as sixteenth largest law firm. The organisations offering legal services around the world are held by a separate German law partnership of attorneys/solicitors.

An important point: the firm is an integrated partnership – not a network of agents or franchises.

Offices 108
People 4500
Attorneys at Law 437
Certified Public Accountants 269
Certified Tax Advisors 430
Business/IT-Consultants 360

Rödl & Partner milestones

2017  Rödl & Partner supports its clients at 108 locations in 50 countries

2016  Turnover grows by 8.1% to a record value of 386.2 million euros

2015  Rödl & Partner opens its 100th office in Bielefeld

2014  First offices open in Ethiopia, Kenya and Myanmar

  First offices open in Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Finland

  First offices open in Mexico

2008  The opening of the Johannesburg office marks Rödl & Partner’s presence on the African continent | Rödl & Partner’s annual turnover exceeds EUR 200 million

2006  Rödl & Partner is awarded the title of "Best Practice Business" by the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Women

2005  The opening of the first office in South America, in São Paolo, Brazil
Autumn: The Rödl Campus is opened and the head office in Nuremberg is therefore extended

2003  Development of the firm’s presence in the United Arab Emirates

2002  Rödl & Partner is ranked among "Bayern's Best 50" – top 50 growth entrepreneurs in Bavaria

2001  We are recognised by "Europe's 500" as one of Europe’s top growth companies

2000  Development of Rödl & Partner USA 

1998  The Jakarta office signals the successful development of Rödl & Partner in Southeast Asia
Rödl & Partner is accredited by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

1994  Development of a strong presence in China
Rödl & Partner is the first German professional services firm to obtain a business licence in the People's Republic of China

1993  The Public Management Consulting (PMC) business area is established

1992  Rödl & Partner starts its operations in Russia

1989  The opening up and development of the market in Central and Eastern Europe

1977  Firm founded by Dr. Bernd Rödl in Nuremberg, Germany