Situated centrally in between Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium is one of the founding fathers of the European Union, with the capital city of Brussels being at the same time the capital of the EU. Belgium offers investors from the industry sector attractive conditions for doing business. Not only tax incentives encourage investment in Belgium, but also the favourable geographical location, well-developed infrastructure with port facilities (e.g. Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Liège) and the Brussels airport – a cargo airport and a very important passenger airport. Political stability and a highly educated population, attributable in part to its linguistic diversity (Dutch, French and German are spoken here) contribute to the country’s standing as an overall attractive investment destination.
In close collaboration with a renowned professional services firm and highly recognised experts specialising in individual tax issues, Rödl & Partner provides audit and tax consulting services in Belgium. About 20 experienced tax consultants and auditors support subsidiaries of German medium sized and large companies as well as a number of very large Belgian companies from all industries across the country. Working hand in hand, special tax matters related to restructuring and internal or external transactions, such as transfer pricing, are resolved by Belgian-German teams of specialists in international tax structuring. Multilingual team members also include associates of a law firm that issues the standard tax reference work in Belgium. Labour, commercial and company law matters are also addressed through longstanding collaboration with our Belgian colleagues.


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