Due to its strategically advantageous geographical location as the “gateway to the Caribbean”, Cuba has an almost magical power of attraction for companies from all over the world, despite the continuing trade embargo imposed by the USA against this island country. For some years now, German and other European investors have closely observed the Cuban government's reforms, launched in 2011 at the latest, aimed at transforming the socialist planned economy into a transitional one with capitalist market elements.

With the creation of the “special development zone” in the Port of Mariel, the coming into force of the new Cuban Law on Foreign Investment in the summer of 2014, the restoration of diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba and the removal of the island country from the list of the so-called rogue states, the long-awaited ideal moment for entering the Cuban market has finally come. This is because business opportunities for international companies arise to the extent to which the "update" of the socialist economic model enables higher inflows of foreign currency to the country. With more foreign currency, Cuba can invest in the long overdue modernisation of its ailing infrastructure – and this is where German companies can largely profit since products with the “Made in Germany” quality seal are considered to be of particularly high quality especially by Cuban engineers, many of whom completed their studies in the GDR.

Rödl & Partner's office in Havana offers a broad range of services, including accounting, tax consulting, general management consulting in the area of foreign direct investments and professional translation services. From Cuba's capital, our team of experienced German and Cuban professionals provides interdisciplinary and multilingual professional services to German and international companies in the whole of Cuba.


Rödl & Partner Kuba

Calle 19 No.154
e/ K y L
El Vedado
10400 La Habana, Cuba

(+53) 7 832 8311


Yaquelyn Rodríguez Gamboa


+53 (7) 86 44 505

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Dr. Andreas Voß, LL.M.

Associate Partner

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 Contact in Germany

Martin Wambach

Managing Partner, Chief Digital Officer

+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 100
+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 900

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