On January 16, 2016 the sanctions of the United Nations against the Islamic Republic of Iran were relaxed for the first time. Although this will not yet allow the full re-integration of Iran into the global economy, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action sends an important signal as it allows Iran to come noticeably closer to the international community. After decades of political and economic isolation, Iranian and German companies now hope to reactivate the once very good economic relations of both countries. The huge area of Iran with its large and well-educated population, extensive natural resources, highly diversified local business community and the apparent almost limitless need to modernise in all areas of the domestic economy surely presents a market with excellent potential for German companies. Products and services “Made in Germany” are extremely popular and the high level of compatibility between Iranian demand and German supply is set to lead to a rapid recovery of bilateral economic relations.

Today, however, great care remains necessary when managing business relations with Iran, as due to the fundamental sanctions still in place, legal transactions with Iran are subject to a number of constraints. The complete ending of the UN sanctions, planned development of international relations with Iran and the decommissioning of the Iranian nuclear programme to make it suitable for purely civilian use cannot be expected before 2025.

Accordingly, German companies seeking long-term business success in Iran should have an individual market entry strategy tailored to meet the respective needs of the company and legal requirements. As Iran comes progressively closer to the international economy, adequate consideration should be given to the extremely dynamic change in Iran's domestic economy expected to take place in the near future.

We provide clients in Iran with a one-stop shop for comprehensive support with local and international expertise in the areas of legal advisory, tax consulting, auditing and financial accounting as well as M&A / corporate finance, whether preparing a market entry or expanding upon an existing business model.



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