A sovereign state since 1991, Moldova has been consequently moving towards free market economy with assistance from international agencies.

Notwithstanding enormous potential of the traditionally strong agrarian sector and multiple important reforms currently underway, Moldova continues to keep a lower profile than its neighbours Romania and Ukraine - despite its population of 4.4 million and the readily available multi-lingual, educated labour in cities and towns with universities and colleges.

However, after its political stability improves and the Transdniestrian conflict is resolved, Moldova will doubtless become increasingly attractive for investments in fields which require intensive labour, including the services sector.

Rödl & Partner recognised this trend at an early stage and since 2006 has been offering auditing, legal and tax advisory services and business process outsourcing (in particular outsourcing of labour-intensive business processes in financial management and accounting) from its office in Chisinau.

We are targeting primarily at medium-sized European investors, for example, operating joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, greenfield or brownfield enterprises or cross-border trade business in Modova.

Our auditors, legal advisors and accountants speak German, Romanian, Russian and English.

We are a member of the Moldo-German Business Association (MDW) actively involved in all its activities and events to support and promote the interests of international investors in Moldova.


Rödl & Partner Chişinău

Str. București 67
2012 Chişinǎu

+373 (22) 24 56-91
+373 (22) 24 56-93

 Contact in Moldova

Iurie Borşci

+373 22 2456 91
+373 22 2456 93

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 2100
+49 911 9193 8100

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Klaus Kessler


+49 911 9193 3058
+380 44 5862 304

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