Peru is considered to be the fastest growing national economy in Latin America. The country belongs to the world's largest producers of raw materials, especially gold, silver and copper. Together with Colombia, Chile and Mexico, Peru has been a member of Alianza del Pacífico (Pacific Alliance) since 2012, a new trade bloc oriented towards Asia and the Pacific countries. This demonstrates Peru's intention to both strengthen its economic ties and remove trade barriers, particularly with respect to capital, services and exchange of goods between member states. The Peruvian economy is attractive for foreign investors for various reasons – the central South American country enjoys uninterrupted solid economic growth and the Andean region offers numerous investment opportunities in the areas of infrastructure, in particular, energy and water supply, transport, mining and agriculture.  In close collaboration with longstanding partners, Rödl & Partner assists European enterprises operating in Peru. Many of our employees have decades of experience in all accounting issues according to Peruvian and German law (HGB) and in consolidation matters. They also provide a large scope of services to companies that draw up their financial statements according to IAS/IFRS. Rendered services also include legal and tax consulting. Rödl & Partner thus offers comprehensive advisory services from a single source in South America, which has recently profited from new investor interest from all over the world.


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