Five years of political transition have led to restored hope in stronger economic growth for Tunisia, often considered Africa’s most competitive destination for manufacturing industries. The textile and leather industries are more and more often combined with investments in the automotive, electronics and other higher added-value sectors. Tunisia’s highly skilled workforce and the country’s proximity to European markets and excellent infrastructure will be a solid basis for sustainable development in a stabilised political environment.

In close cooperation with our partner offices in Casablanca, Rödl & Partner assists both foreign investors and national and international public institutions in all areas of legal, tax, audit & accounting as well as public sector projects relating to renewable energy, utilities and public procurement. Local services are supported by experienced professionals based at our Paris office.


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Dr. José A. Campos Nave

Managing Partner

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+49 6196 7611 4704

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Carla Everhardt

Associate Partner

+49 221 9499 093 43
+49 221 9499 099 00

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