5th ASEAN Forum



On 13 September 2022, we were overjoyed to physically host our 5th ASEAN Forum Singapore again. 


Together with our most valued guest speakers Jan-Klaus Tobias from BOMAG GmbH, Friedhelm Best from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, Charlie Lay from Commerzbank AG and Dr. Thai Lai Pham from Siemens, we had the pleasure to welcome more than 70 guests at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

Tables may turn quickly in the world of business, as seen in the past two years' manifold upheavals with an unprecedented pandemic and significant geopolitical shifts. This applies even more if you are doing business abroad. Keeping up with and adapting your business practices and entrepreneurial decisions to the specific regulatory and market environment of your chosen investment destination, and to appropriately classify these conditions in an international context, is key to success for cross-border business ventures. 

Reflecting our variety in services and our grip of the region, our program did not only cover some of the most important business essentials like successfully establishing your presence in Southeast Asia and managing the manifold pitfalls of cross-border employment. Our internal and external experts also took a close look on some of today´s hot topics, like renewable energy and supply chain diversification in these rather turbulent times. Last but not least, Charlie Lay provided our guests with a comprehensive and very lively economic outlook into and beyond the region, followed by our traditional panel discussion.

Our guests from a wide variety of business sectors not only took a chance on attending the expert sessions to obtain valuable information and new insights. They also engaged in lively discussions with our experts and their fellow guests to gain fresh inspiration and valuable new impulses on eye-level. 

We are already looking forward to the 6th ASEAN Forum in 2023!

We have captured some moments of this event for you. Take a look at the photo gallery below.


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