Management and IT consulting

Experienced management consultants and specialists from the fields of IT development and support, project management and sales

Our service line management and IT consulting is divided into three areas where we are regularly looking for experienced specialists:
  • Management consulting

    In the classic area of management consulting we are looking for consultants with experience, for example, in the area of strategy and organisation consulting, restructuring or corporate finance and M&A and in particular with a specialisation in German family businesses.
  • Public management consulting

    You are ideal to work for Rödl & Partner should you have experience in consulting for the public sector, and, for example, have already provided consulting services for energy suppliers, transport companies or other municipal or public institutions.
  • IT consulting

    We are looking for experienced colleagues in the area of IT consulting with a specialisation in CRM, SCM, SAP and ERP solutions, for consulting services and also for development, support, project management and sales.


Young professionals

A degree in economics with a corresponding focus is required for working in business and public management consulting. Legal academics, administration specialists and humanities scholars as well as engineers can also start their career with us provided they have the appropriate specialisation.
In the field of IT consulting, career opportunities are available for graduates of technical IT studies and freshly qualified IT specialists, system electronics engineers and other IT-related applicants with a comparable qualification in the areas of consulting, IT support or software and application development.   



Dr. Michael Rödl

Head of Human Resources

+49 (911) 91 93 – 28 74
+49 (911) 91 93 – 28 69

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