Audit of the annual financial statement according to the German capital investment code (KAGB)


Our range of services also includes the audit of the annual financial statement
according to the regulations of the KAGB. In this process we audit the annual financial statements of registered and approved capital management companies and also alternative investment funds with our risk-oriented auditing approach. In this respect, we have extensive specialist expertise through our interdisciplinary auditing and consulting.
The KAGB prescribes special financial accounting regulations and depending on the size of the capital management company or type of alternative investment fund also extends the audit obligations. In addition, the financial accounting and audit regulations are substantiated by the German ordinance on capital investment, financial accounting and valuations (KARBV) and the German ordinance governing audits on capital investments (KAPrüfbV).
With an approved capital management company, in comparison to the German commercial code, the KAGB extends the subject matter to be audited to also include compliance with the regulations of the supervisory authorities and in particular the general obligations regarding behaviour, organisation, reporting and notifications and also the obligations relating to the money laundering legislation, whereby information on the audit of said obligations has to be included in audit report.
For alternative investment funds which have the legal form of a German limited partnership (KG), the assignment of profits, losses, revenues, expenses, contributions and withdrawals to individual capital accounts is an explicit audit subject matter. In addition, the audit report also has to include additional information on the notification obligations of the capital management company to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), outsourcing, remuneration systems, risk management system or obligations with regard to money laundering legislation.
Our risk-oriented audit approach is especially designed for the individual requirements of your company. For critical audit questions we refer to our tax and legal experts. In this way we use our interdisciplinary expertise to realise sound and competent solutions.



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