Business process outsourcing (BPO) for your company

As the structure of a company becomes more complex, the prompt availability of reliable and meaningful data to facilitate control of the company also becomes more important. A modern and efficient reporting system is therefore a condition for the long-term success of the company. In the international context this is not easy to achieve as usually employees familiar with the requirements of the reporting systems, terminology and the specific requirements of the company management are only available to a limited extent at the international locations.
Therefore, our clients increasingly outsource parts or all of the business processes at the international locations to us. The cross-border cooperation with us guarantees the standardisation of the processes and a lean coordination structure.

We are present around the world wherever you are and provide the necessary administrative infrastructure with all the associated services at your international locations. You can trust in our country-specific expertise and experience in dealing with cross-border issues. With our support you can manage and control your global distribution structure from your home location. The costs and coordination effort to achieve this are minimal.

The services we offer include:



Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Managing Partner

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+49 911 9193 8100

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Ulrich Schäfer


+49 (911) 91 93 – 30 66
+49 (911) 91 93 – 90 66

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