Success without borders

As an integrated professional services firm, Rödl & Partner is active at 94 wholly-owned locations in 43 countries. It owes its dynamic success in the service lines audit, legal, management and IT consulting, tax consulting as well as tax declaration and BPO to 3,700 entrepreneurial minded partners and colleagues.

What sets us apart

Rödl & Partner is not a collection of accountants, auditors, lawyers, management and tax consultants working in parallel. We work together, closely interlinked across all service lines. We think from a market perspective, from a client’s perspective, where a project team possesses all the capabilities to be successful and to realize the client’s goals.

Our interdisciplinary approach is not unique, nor is our global reach or particularly strong presence among family businesses. It is the combination cannot be found anywhere else – a firm that is devoted to comprehensively supporting German businesses, wherever in the world they might be.


Rödl & Partner advises private equity company MCI on acquisition of stake in online auction house Auctionata

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Rödl & Partner Thailand

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Rödl & Partner extends its management

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German Federal Constitutional Court amends existing inheritance tax legislation / Rödl & Partner warns this may result in a higher tax burden for large family-owned companies

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Booklet "International Transfer Prices – A compact guide for companies"

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M&A Yearbook 2013

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Rödl & Partner listed in Best Lawyers 2014

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"Each and every person counts" – to the Castellers and to us. 

A survey of corporate client advisors and M&A advisors around the world concerning the M&A activities of German family-owned companies inside and outside Germany.

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