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Rödl & Partner and Castellers de Barcelona

“Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny” (strength, equilibrium, valour and common sense) is the Catalan motto of all Castellers, describing their fundamental values very accurately. It is to our liking and also reflects our mentality.
Therefore Rödl & Partner embarked on a collaborative journey with the representatives of this long-standing tradition of human towers – Castellers de Barcelona – in May 2011. The association from Barcelona stands, among many other things, for this intangible cultural heritage.

“Each and every person counts” – to the Castellers and to us.

Human towers symbolise in a unique way the Rödl & Partner corporate culture. They personify our philosophy of solidarity, balance, courage and team spirit. They stand for the growth that is based on own resources, the growth which has made Rödl & Partner the company we are today.
Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl: “Creating added value and differentiating our brand is what we see as the decisive advantage over our competitors. Using human towers to visualise our corporate culture, we send a clear message inside and outside the walls of  our organisation. “Each and every person counts”  at Rödl & Partner –  in our internal relations as well as  when assisting our clients. Across generations, in a team and as true brand ambassadors.”

“Human towers” are intangible cultural heritage

UNESCO-59.pngThe tradition dates back to the 18th century and was given the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status in November 2010.
The German Commission for UNESCO with its seat in Bonn explains why not only tangible cultural heritage needs to be protected:
“Cultural diversity is reflected not only in magnificent palaces, cathedrals, or historic buildings and city districts resembling open-air museums, but also in living forms of expression: dance and theatre, performing arts, musical and oral literary forms, languages, craft techniques and forms of knowledge.
[...] In the wake of globalisation, those cultural expressions have increasingly disappeared over recent years. [...]
It is the main goal of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage to maintain and safeguard those cultural expressions that directly involve human knowledge and skills. The Convention emphasises the importance of intangible cultural heritage as a driving force behind cultural diversity and a guarantor of sustainable development. Over 130 countries have signed the Convention since 2003. It is the first instrument to safeguard intangible cultural heritage that is valid under international law.” (German Commission for UNESCO (o.J.): Intangible Cultural Heritage. Available online at: (Status: 17.08.2011))


“Castells” is the Catalan word for “towers”. When Castellers set out to build these pyramidal structures, they must first form a solid ground-level base.
This is the foundation of the tower. Levels (except for the final level) are composed of between two and four Castellers facing one another and standing on the shoulders of the level below.


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