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The Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid does not want to write cheques as anonymous donors and are committed to personally caring for persons in need who approach us for help and supporting aid projects from the very beginning to the very end. Owing to our own initiative and involvement of our colleagues, we have initiated or supported many projects over recent years.


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 Projects in Germany

 June 2024: Support for grieving children – Hospice Service Winsen

Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid supports the outpatient hospice service in Winsen. The outpatient hospice service in Winsen is an institution that provides support for grieving children, young people and parents. It is virtually impossible to cope with the early loss of a parent, a child or a sibling which is why the work of the outpatient hospice service in Winsen is so extremely important. ​​More »​​

 February 2024: Support for Girls' Centre in Nuremberg

Together with the decision-makers at Mädchentreff e. V., we brain-stormed how the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid could help here and donated 3,000 euros to further support the courses and also financially contributed to the energy costs. More »

 May 2023: Schoolyard beautification of Johann Joseph Gronewald School in Cologne

Last year, the chairperson of the support organization contacted us and asked if we could support another project. The planned project would involve eight to eleven-year-old children working with an artist to beautify a schoolyard wall with an artwork measuring around 50 square metres. A great idea that we were happy to support. More »

 CITY CYCLING 2022 – Donation for "bbs nürnberg" – Educational Centre For The Blind And Visually Impaired

In summer 2022, 112 colleagues took to their bikes again as part of the international CITY CYCLING campaign and covered a solid 20,620 km together. For every kilometre covered, Rödl & Partner donated also this year 0.10 Euro to the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid. The funds collected were donated to charitable organisations to support children and young people in need. More »

 Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid: Support for the “Pro Mater Sano e.V.” association through the City Cycling 2021

The “earned” EUR 4,395.40 from the City Cycling 2021 campaign was donated by the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid to “Pro Mater Sano e.V.” (English: “For a healthy mother”), an association that supports women suffering from cancer who either have babies and toddlers or are pregnant, and help them by enabling physical and psychological rehabilitation and providing assistance. Read about how we spend the donation within the association. More »

 Support of the project Homework supervision at Ziegelstein primary school in Nuremberg

The association of Grundschule Nürnberg Ziegelstein e.V. serves to support – both ideologically and financially – the educational and teaching commitment of the Ziegelstein primary school in Nuremberg. After a phone call with Mr Thomas Hebes of the association of the Ziegelstein primary school, it became quickly clear that we wanted to support the association. More »

 Supporting little Mara

Little Mara is autistic, hardly communicates with our people and has trouble sleeping. The Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid supported the little girl and her family with a bed on her own and other things. More »

 Project funding of Christ Child Campaign action by "Höchstadt's Helping Hands"

The "Helping Hands" volunteers invested a lot of effort and time before Christmas to make sure that the refugee children in the Höchstadt accommodation centre could celebrate Christmas with joy. The Rödl Employee Foundation for Children's Aid covered the costs for this action.

 Reading Worlds in Cologne – Reading sponsorships in two daycare centers

With the project “LeseWelten” (Reading Worlds), the Voluntary Agency introduces children in daycare centers to reading in regular reading sessions. In this way, even those children who have little contact with children's literature in their private lives are given access to reading. We support two daycare centers in Cologne-Neubrück and Cologne-Ehrenfeld. More » 

 Disastrous flood in Erftstadt in July 2021

 Play and learning materials for the curative education day care centre Ahorn near Coburg

For the children who attend the curative education day care centre at the Mauritius School Ahorn, the corona-related restrictions mean a great challenge. The Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid supported the institution with an unbureaucratic donation of new playing and learning materials. More »

 IT equipment for children and young people with hearing impairments

Due to their hearing impairments, the students at the Gronewald School in Cologne are dependent on the mouth movements of the teacher. As classroom teaching is not possible due to the pandemic, they are in particular need of good digital equipment. Since the necessary requirements cannot be met with the available financial resources, it was immediately clear: We are going to help! More »

 Feldenkrais Method Support Therapy

Rödl & Partner shows social commitment in the Rhineland: In cooperation with the association Pänz vun Kölle e.V., the Rödl employee foundation for children's aid supports five severely disabled children from Cologne. More »

 “1000+1 books” project to promote reading in Nuremberg

Reading literacy is a basic component of all educational processes and thus the foundation for participation in society and for a successful adult life. This is why we have gladly decided to set an example for the promotion of reading and support the project “1000+1 Book” of the Lobby for Children e.V. from Nuremberg in July 2020. More »

 Hippotherapy for children and teenagers

Our foundation has decided to support the alipes e.V. association and to make 53 hours of hippotherapy possible for children and young people by handing over a donation cheque at the beginning of the year 2020. More »

 Project “Schwalben­nest” (Parsberg) – School supplies for the new school year

The “Schwalbennest” home is a therapeutic educational resi­den­tial care group at the St. Joseph Pedagogical Centre in Pars­berg which runs a support centre for emotional and social de­vel­op­ment as well as therapeutic educational day and resi­den­tial care groups for children. In June 2019, the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid donated a generous amount of school supplies: pencils, fountain pens, art tools, exercise books, pencil cases and a laptop that can be used for homework or enter­tain­ment. More »

 International Projects

 Support to the Project Esportes para Vida (Sports for Life), Instituto Sementinha

The Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid supports the project "Esportes para Vida" (Sports for Life). The aim is to encourage children and young people to make progress in their education through sport and to improve their holistic physical, emotional, cultural and social development. More »

 Project report – July 2023: School supplies and food for children in Addis Ababa

We have already helped children in Addis Ababa when we implemented our projects in Ethiopia. This time, we had the opportunity to support the Education for Needy People Association (ENPA). The two owners of the association grew up in orphanages themselves and now they have set up their own facility. Here, about 200 children are taken care of by 26 teachers and helpers. More »

 South Africa – Dancing for self-confidence

Many children and young people in South African townships lack self-confidence. The organisation "Amoyo" has set itself the task of bringing variety into children's everyday lives through professional dance, theatre, music and performance courses and at the same time strengthening their self-confidence. With the help of the Rödl-Mitarbeiter-Stiftung für Kinderhilfe, uniform T-shirts as well as dancewear could be made for the children.  More »

 Donations in kind for orphans in Puebla

 Project “Cape Town” – Christmas party and school supplies

On 23 December 2019, the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid für Kinderhilfe sponsored a Christmas party for around 70 children from a small community in a suburb of Cape Town. More »

 The “Kiangan” project (Philippines) – Ultimate Frisbee Training and new classroom equipment

Access to education is a challenge for children in the Philippines. Consequently, the Rödl Employee Foundation for Children's Aid decided to support an education project in a rural region of the island state in early 2019. Rödl & Partner employees organized a Frisbee Clinic for about 40 children from Kiangan Central School and donated part of the classroom and school equipment to Duit Elementary School. More »

 Support for the Mekdela Primary School in Addis Ababa

Many children in Ethiopia are denied the possibility of a school education. At the Mekdela Primary School in Addis Ababa a kitchen and canteen were established because some children could no longer concentrate because they did not get enough food at home. Thanks to the commitment of the Rödl Employee Foundation for Children's Aid in 2017, dining tables, a kitchen shelf, various kitchen utensils and ingredients for a Christmas dinner could be purchased. More »

 Previous Projects

  • Financing of medical treatments (e.g. assistance dog for a child suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta [also known as brittle bone disease])
  • 7,200 batteries for hearing aids to the children's home in Sergiev Posad
  • Development of an interactive CD-ROM for hearing-impaired children
  • Provision of equipment to schools in Germany and in developing countries
  • Purchasing of specialist equipment, such as wheelchairs
  • Support in the organisation and financing of a residential centre for refugee children
  • Support for the "Day care centre for street children" in the Ukrainian city of Odessa
  • Musical charity event and Christmas gifts for children in Vilnius

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