We invite you to get to know us

Rödl & Partner is an incomparably attractive firm.
We, who work for Rödl & Partner, know that. Our clients, who work with us, know that. Those in our immediate operational environment, where we work, know that.

But that is not enough! 

We would like to spread the message still further. This is reason enough to invite you to take a closer look at our world – the Rödl & Partner world. We will introduce ourselves. We will take you with us to the core of our professional services firm, tell you where we come from, how we think, how we feel, and communicate our vision of the future. Together with you. That was the motivation to create this factbook.
Reading this factbook should help you, dear reader, to enter the fascinating firm of Rödl & Partner. You will see how we believe one can achieve sustainable success.
We are aware that our contribution to the productive development of Rödl & Partner is inseparable from your perception of us.
Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback.



Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl, LL.M. (Columbia University, New York)

Managing Partner

+49 (911) 91 93 – 10 00
+49 (911) 91 93 – 70 00

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