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As one of the most exciting and fastest growing regions in the world, Asia-Pacific has continuously overshadowed Western economies and their growth rates in recent years. Indeed, the region can now claim to be the world's most important growth engine - and this is not limited to the People's Republic of China. Throughout the region there are a number of economies at different stages of development, offering investors a colourful array of attractive opportunities.

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The Middle Kingdom is the most populous country in the world and one of the central junction points of Asia – the international market integration creates attractive conditions for a business venture in China. Read more »

 Hongkong (S.A.R)

​Hong Kong (S.A.R.), the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, has gradually grown into one of the most developed  financial center of the entire Asian region. A stable banking system and most modern information and telecommunication technologies attracting the interest of foreign investors. Read more »


The world’s largest democracy India has become a key component in the internationalization strategy of European small and medium-sized enterprises and has been grown into a major driver of growth for globally active businesses in recent years. Read more »


As the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia is the strongest economy in Southeast Asia. The opening of the Indonesian market to international trade and the ongoing liberalization of the economy have created new potential for foreign investors. Read more »


Malaysia developed into an industrial nation with enormous future potential and excellent framework conditions for foreign investors, not only because of its geographically outstanding location – decisive factors are also Malaysia’s wealth in natural resources, worldwide interest in electronic goods produced in Malaysia and the growth of the service sector. Read more »


With its gradual economic opening and anticipated growth rates of approx. 7 percent, Myanmar shows its significant future potential, which is why numerous foreign companies have already recognized Myanmar as a promising investment location and established local presences. Read more »


The archipelago, made up of more than 7,600 islands, has been characterized by stable and resilient growth indicators for many years - apart from the growth potential and access to the ASEAN economic community and the dynamic domestic market, foreign investors appreciate the cultural proximity of the Philippines to western traditions. Read more »


​The most business-friendly economy in the world (according to the World Bank) benefits from its unique location at the heart of global trade routes, stable political situation, first-class infrastructure and administrative and legal system, which have recently made Singapore more attractive to many European investors. Read more »


A comparably well-developed infrastructure and relatively low wage and price levels enable Thailand to serve as a springboard for managing investments and is an important hub for western investments in Southeast Asia. Read more »


The borders of Vietnam have been open to foreign investors since 2007 and the international market integration of the member state of the ASEAN is progressing further with an increasing number of free trade agreements, which create attractive conditions for investments in Vietnam. Read more »

 Further locations in cooperation with GPSA partners


Australia stands out especially in the tourism sector, the production of agricultural goods and in the service sector - rising employment rates and an expansion of the communications and information technology sector make Australia an interesting location for foreign commitments. Read more »


​Cambodia's incentive for foreign investors is primarily characterized by its abundant natural resources, its transformation from an agricultural state to an increasing share of industry and services, as well as low wage costs, free exchange of foreign exchange and constant liberalization of the investment framework. Read more »


A unique culture meets state-of-the-art technology - Japan not only fascinates with modern industry and high-end innovation, but also with its abundant traditional heritage, the high level of innovation in research and science and its excellent level of education. Read more »

 New Zealand

New Zealand, with its low unemployment rate and a liberalized market, is of great interest to foreign investors, especially in the field of renewable energies, such as hydropower or geothermal energy, and is therefore a promising location for foreign engagements. Read more »

 South Korea

The Republic of Korea is characterized by a high level of education, which gives Korea a significant service sector, strong retail trade, an ever-expanding transportation and tourism industry and a highly developed technology industry. Read more »


In recent years, the focus of Taiwan's economy has shifted away from agricultural goods and towards the development and production of technology goods. For foreign investors, Taiwan's high level of education and strong productive power are particularly promising factors for engagement. Read more »
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