A favourable geographical location, growing economy and flourishing exports have brought Azerbaijan in focus of foreign investors. The resource-rich country boasting vast crude oil and natural gas reserves is a bridge between Asia and Europe.
With its economically and culturally significant capital city of Baku and central location on the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan has experienced dynamic growth over recent years. The oil and gas industries have proven to be the most important economy sectors, ensuring high export rates. Public investment and modernisation efforts in various sectors will ensure economic diversification in the future. These efforts, in turn, offer foreign investors a solid foundation for trade and cooperation in all industry branches. 

Rödl & Partner assists companies with their business engagement in Azerbaijan through a wholly-owned office in Baku. Multilingual experts from all disciplines work together to create custom-tailored solutions for the Azerbaijani market.




Rödl & Partner Baku

Business centre SAT-Plaza, 7th floor
Bashir Safar-oglu 133
AZ1009 Baku

+994 (12) 594 43 51
+994 (12) 594 43 59

 Contact in Azerbaijan

Elchin Usub

Associate Partner

+994 (12) 594 43 51
+994 (12) 594 43 59

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Klaus Kessler


+994 12 5944 351
+380 44 5862 304

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 2100
+49 911 9193 8100

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