Curitiba is the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraná in the south of the country. Geographically speaking, in the north the state is directly adjacent to São Paulo. The urban area of Curitiba with approx. 3 million inhabitants has the highest population in southern Brazil, with the main part of the population of European origin. This important cultural, political and economic centre is very significant for German companies and after the area of greater São Paulo commands the highest concentration of German subsidiaries in Brazil in a number of sectors. Well-known German companies and numerous suppliers have factories or premises here.

Curitiba is recognized as the smartest city in Brazil due to its innovative urban planning, efficient public transportation system, and leadership in sustainability through recycling programs and waste management. Additionally, the city invests in technology and innovation, hosting technology parks and incubators, and maintains a strong focus on education and culture. Quality of life is enriched by its green areas and public spaces, making Curitiba a model of a smart, sustainable, and livable city.
The excellent infrastructure in comparison to other cities in Latin America has also resulted in Curitiba being seen as one of the best examples of successful city planning in the world. Therefore, in 1996 it was honoured at the congress of the city planners in Istanbul as the most innovative city in the world. With roughly 30 parks and forests Curitiba is one of the greenest cities in the world. In comparison to other urban areas in Brazil such as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, the city has an overall European quality of life and considerably lower industry and employee costs. These advantages of the location and also its strategic position between São Paulo and Santa Catarina make it very attractive for entrepreneurs and investors and in particular for the German-speaking areas of Europe.
Joinville, Blumenau and Pomerode are located just a few hours of motorway driving to the south, in the adjacent Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Many suppliers have located to the area close to the north of Santa Catarina, a region which in German business circles is often given the nickname "Bavaria with palms".
Our office is situated in the centre of Curitiba, within walking distance of the picturesque old town where our interdisciplinary (mainly German and English-speaking) team of experts provides support for a fast-growing group of German and European clients. These are represented in the south of Brazil by subsidiaries, joint ventures, strategic acquisitions and individual projects or would like to establish themselves on the Brazilian market.
Our work is focused on the audit of the financial statements of Brazilian subsidiaries and transaction consulting. Furthermore, we are also happy to take on financial and payroll accounting and the external controlling of subsidiaries. We know the special requirements and opportunities of the investment location of Brazil in general and especially in Curitiba with our extensive experience in the area of consulting and auditing services. We combine this wealth of experience for our clients with the working standards and expert knowledge of an organically developed, international family-owned company, and, with our “made in Germany” services, enjoy an unrivalled reputation on the Brazilian market.


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