After the severe economic and banking crisis of the mid-1990s, Bulgaria needed quite a long time to regain its economic stability. A clear change in trend came as late as 2001. The result: the EU's 2002 progress report assessed Bulgaria for the first time as a functioning market economy, ensuring its EU accession in 2007.

Low inflation rates on one hand and sustained growth rates on the other will support the country's further stabilisation in the future. Creating a healthy economic policy and encouraging foreign direct investment are presently the country's top political objectives.

Rödl & Partner provides professional services to its clients in Bulgaria from its offices in Sofia and Plovdiv. Our local teams of Bulgarian and German experts provide comprehensive advice on all issues related to accounting, law and taxation. Audit services are rendered in collaboration with our long-established partners. 

Due to our longstanding presence in Bulgaria, we are well-versed with the specific challenges and opportunities of the local market and specialise in supporting investors with their business engagement in Bulgaria.


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Minko Karatchomakov


+359 2 8182 770

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Prof. Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Certified Public Auditor (Germany), Certified Tax Consultant (Germany)

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+49 911 9193 2100

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