As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is the country's economic hub. Over 1.2 million people live in the city and its surrounding area, representing about 10 percent of Czech Republic's total population.


A prominent symbol of Prague's economic strength is an unemployment rate of only about 3.5 per cent, which for years, even in times of economic crises, has remained almost unchanged. Prague boasts a strong film industry and is an attractive tourist destination. No less important are the manufacturing and foodstuffs industries and the production of electrical and optical equipment. Other traditional industry branches include machine engineering, metalworking and pharmaceuticals. Despite small production volumes, motor vehicle manufacturing also makes a significant contribution to the city's economy.


From our office in Prague, a multilingual team of lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and accountants offers our clients comprehensive professional services. Numerous medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporate groups from Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries have come to appreciate the cross-border expertise of Rödl & Partner.


Our service portfolio includes e.g.:
  • international legal and tax consulting
  • audits of annual financial statements of Czech companies
  • audits of annual financial statements according to IFRS, US-GAAP and other standards and guidelines
  • expatriate consulting services (inbound and outbound)
  • company and asset valuation
  • human resource (HR) services


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