Despite its geographical proximity, France – one of Germany's most important trade partners worldwide – is seen by many German businesses as a particularly challenging market. Whether the selection and direction of local management, legislative hurdles, such as the 35-hour work week, or subtleties of tax law – all this makes the French market not easily accessible.
However, the second largest economy in Europe is an essential part of each international engagement for any globally active enterprise. In France, Rödl & Partner is represented by a team of highly qualified German and French experts providing professional services from our Paris and Strasbourg offices. Our bilingual colleagues are well-versed with the needs of German investors owing to their many years of cross-border advisory.
With close knowledge of the specific challenges and opportunities of the French market, we are able to provide superior services to our clients, especially as we can call upon our international know-how and unified standards.

We offer our clients – be it medium-sized enterprises or large multinational corporations headquartered in Germany – a complete portfolio of services in the areas of national and international legal and tax consulting, as well as auditing and accounting.



 Contact in France

Nicola Lohrey

+33 (1) 56 92 - 31 25
+33 (1) 56 92 - 31 29

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 Contact in Germany

Wolfgang Kraus

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 3333
+49 911 9193 9333

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