​The world’s largest democracy has been a major driver of growth for globally active businesses in recent years. Investment opportunities for much needed infrastructure improvements are present just as those in traditional industry sectors, as witnessed by spectacular large-scale projects carried out by foreign businesses.

India has become a key component in the internationalisation strategy of European small and medium-sized enterprises. In realizing the country’s potential, investors are still facing complex challenges related to the bureaucratic environment and infrastructure.

Offering professional services in our Delhi, Mumbai and Pune offices and our working points in Chennai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore means building bridges between India and the specific European way of doing business, helping organisations from both regions to invest successfully abroad. A dedicated India team at our European head office assists in communication across time zones and language barriers, providing end-to-end advice on all law, tax and audit related matters.




Martin Wörlein

Partner, Head of India practice

+49 (911) 91 93 – 30 10
+49 (911) 91 93 – 90 03

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