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The land mass of Indonesia is scattered across approximately 17,000 islands, of which only 6,000 are populated. This makes Indonesia the largest island country in the world. At the same time and as an ASEAN member state, it is the strongest economy in Southeast Asia.
The opening up of the Indonesian market to international trade as well as on-going liberalisation of the economy have created new opportunities for foreign investors. Alongside agriculture as the main sector of the Indonesian economy, the export of mineral resources, such as liquefied natural gas, gold or coal, also plays a key role in the country's economic development. Meanwhile, the increasing interest of the Indonesian population in consumer goods is invigorating the manufacturing industry. 
In Indonesia, we offer our advisory services through an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals from our Jakarta office, offering end-to-end advisory in all audit, law and tax related matters. Local partners are engaged, if necessary. With close knowledge of the specific challenges and opportunities of the Indonesian market, we are able to provide superior services to our clients, especially as we can call upon our international know-how, unified standards and many years of expertise in the Asia-Pacific region.

Contact in Indonesia

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Stefan Ewers


+ 62 21 5056 0405
+ 62 21 5056 0412

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Contact in Germany

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Markus Schlüter


+49 221 9499 093 42
+49 221 9499 099 00

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PT Rodl Consulting

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+62 21 5056 0405
+62 21 5056 0412

PT Roedl Jasa Akuntansi

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