In the following textItaly has traditionally been an important location for German foreign investments. The mechanical and plant engineering, fashion and furniture industries or the emerging German-Italian financial services sector open up exciting opportunities for investors. The recently adopted comprehensive reforms in almost all areas of law create new business opportunities also for companies with a longstanding presence in Italy.  With close knowledge of the specific challenges and opportunities of the Italian market, we are on hand with interdisciplinary advice for German and international enterprises. Our multilingual Italian and German colleagues in Rödl & Partner offices in Bolzano, Milan, Padua and Rome provide end-to-end professional services in all audit, law and tax related matters. 

 Contact in Italy

Stefan Brandes


+39 02 6328 841
+39 02 6328 8420

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. José A. Campos Nave

Managing Partner

+49 6196 7611 4702
+49 6196 7611 4704

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