Even compared with other African countries, the GDP of Kenya has experienced strong, above-average growth. Agriculture is still the main economic sector, with tea and coffee exports being the driving force of the economy. Imports include primarily petroleum products, automobiles, machinery and chemicals.
The Nairobi office of Rödl & Partner provides professional services in the areas of accounting, tax, legal and regulatory issues of foreign direct investment, energy and governance.



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 Contact in Kenya

Judy Chebet

Associate Partner

+254 71 3340 938

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. José A. Campos Nave

Managing Partner

+49 6196 7611 4702
+49 6196 7611 4704

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Rödl & Partner Nairobi

Rödl & Partner Limited
4th floor, K.A.M House (opp. Westgate Mall)
Peponi Road
P.O Box 2087-00606

+254 (775) 974 050
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