Romania is an attractive place for doing business not only due to its favourable productivity-labour cost ratio in the region and a high standard of education. The domestic market of approximately 21 million people, which has grown in interest as a result of the country's economic upswing,  will continue to gain in importance, not least due to Romania’s accession to the EU.

Although Romania has made remarkable progress in adjusting its legal and fiscal policy to the EU standards, a large number of legislative changes are yet to be introduced and the divergence between the legal framework and administrative practice is expected to prevail in the medium term. This all makes comprehensive advisory services all the more important in Romania.

We provide consulting services to large and medium-sized clients from Germany and abroad operating mainly in the following industries: automotive and mechanical engineering, chemicals, construction, agriculture, foodstuffs, services and trade.

Rödl & Partner engages over 70 accountants, auditors, lawyers and tax consultants in our wholly-owned offices in Bucharest, Cluj and Timişoara. Our services comprise audit, legal, tax and transaction consulting and business process outsourcing. Our colleagues, most of whom are Romanian nationals, speak – alongside Romanian – also German, English, French, Italian and Russian.

Award-winning: Rödl & Partner Outsourcing SRL ranked 1st for high-quality services among members of CECCAR (The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania).

 Contact in Romania

Bogdan Fratila


+40 (21) 3 10 – 21 62
+40 (21) 3 10 – 21 72

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Anca Sucală


+40 (21) 230 – 22 75
+40 (21) 231 – 48 35

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Managing Partner

+49 (911) 91 93 – 21 00
+49 (911) 91 93 – 81 00

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