Following the dissolution of the state union with Montenegro, Serbia remains the most populous and largest country of the former Yugoslavia. Its favourable location in the heart of South East Europe – Serbia shares borders with seven countries – and the high availability of well-trained personnel with relatively low wage costs attract an increasing number of foreign investors.

Assuming that the emerging political stability and Western integration that has taken place over the last years progresses, this trend is likely to continue.

In contrast to its neighbours, Serbia's privatization of public enterprises has not yet been completed, presenting attractive entry opportunities for foreign businesses. Rödl & Partner assists its clients doing business in Serbia with a wholly-owned office in Belgrade. Our comprehensive knowledge of the local requirements ensures optimal support for investors active in the Serbian market.


Rödl & Partner Belgrade

Čika Ljubina 16/2
SR-11000 Belgrade

+381 60 0441 381


Slobodan Mihajlović

Senior Associate

+381 60 0441 381

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Radu-Dragos Dobrescu

Associate Partner

+385 1 4920 451
+49 911 9193 9059

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 Contact in Germany

Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 2100
+49 911 9193 8100

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