Singapore – the most business-friendly economy in the world (according to the World Bank's ease of doing business index) – is the hands-down winner of all international comparisons, benefiting from its unique location at the heart of global trade routes, stable political situation, first-class infrastructure and administrative and legal systems. The city-state, also a member state of ASEAN, where the word "hub" is omnipresent, has recently become even more attractive to many European investors as a regional centre for Asia.

As one of the most internationally linked economies, Singapore is often more exposed to global economic influences than many other countries. Thus, it is essential that groups with holding companies and regional distribution centres optimize their structures accordingly.

With its wholly-owned office in Singapore, Rödl & Partner assists companies with the tax and legal structuring of their Asian engagement, as well in the areas of audit, accounting and finance.

 Contact in Singapore

Dr. Paul Weingarten

Partner, Office head

+65 (62) 38 - 67 70
+65 (62) 38 - 66 30

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 Contact in Germany

Markus Schlüter

Associate Partner

+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 342
+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 900

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Rödl & Partner Singapore

1 Scotts Road no. 21-10
Shaw Centre
228208 Singapore

+65 62 38-67 70
+65 62 38-66 30
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