Low tax rates and comparatively low labour costs have made Slovakia an affordable place to invest, and, in particular, a central European location par excellence for the automotive industry. Companies creating new jobs now also receive country-wide tax incentives. Its adoption of the Euro at the beginning of 2009 was a proud symbol of Slovakia's pioneering role in the integration of Central and Eastern Europe within the EU. This overall investor-friendly climate will have to prove itself in light of the required restructuring of the country's key industries. 


Rödl & Partner has assisted European companies in Slovakia since the beginning of the 1990s, amassing a unique wealth of experience. We advise our clients from our wholly-owned office in Bratislava, with teams of multilingual Slovakian and German professionals providing end-to-end professional services in all law, tax and audit related matters.
Rödl & Partner Advokáti, s.r.o was distinguished as the "Law Firm of the Year 2014" in the category of tax law in Slovakia. After being awarded the title of "Highly Recommended Law Firm in Slovakia 2013" in the categories of "banking & finance" and "tax law", the latest success confirms and strengthens Rödl & Partner's prominent position in Slovak tax law as well as in Slovakia.





Rödl & Partner Bratislava

Lazaretská 8
81108 Bratislava

+421 (2) 57 20 04 11
+421 (2) 52 73 36 35

 Contact in Slovakia

Ing. Mikulás Ivasko


+421 2 5720 0411
+421 2 5273 3635

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JUDr. Maroš Tóth


+421 (2) 57 20 04 – 44
+421 (2) 52 73 36 – 43

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 Contact in Germany

Wolfgang Kraus

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 3333
+49 911 9193 9333

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