Alongside Germany, France and Italy, Spain is one of the most economically important countries in the EU. The economic crisis has fuelled significant structural changes in order to maintain the competitiveness of the Spanish economy, which included amendments to company, labour and tax laws.

Those changes have boosted direct investments, testament to Spain’s attractiveness as a sales market with its population of 47 million. Moreover, many enterprises operating in Spain are taking advantage of the country's traditionally good ties with Latin America.
From our Rödl & Partner offices in Barcelona and Madrid, our multilingual Spanish and German colleagues provide enterprises with high quality, one-stop-shop services in all accounting, audit, law and tax related issues.
Owing to our many years' experience in providing advisory services, we are well-versed with the specific challenges and opportunities of the Spanish market. We are able to provide superior services to our clients, especially as we can call upon our international know-how and unified standards.

Many of our colleagues have overseas experience and are used to working in an international environment. Our key advisory areas are company, labour, tax and trade laws, with particular regard to applying each in an international context. Here, Rödl & Partner places special focus on cross-border M&A transaction services, where, similarly as in the renewable energy sector, such services often require specialized knowledge that is provided by our experts.


 Contact in Spain

Georg Abegg


+34 91 5359 9 77

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 Contact in Germany

Wolfgang Kraus

Managing Partner

+49 911 9193 3333
+49 911 9193 9333

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