Turkey – traditionally a bridge between Europe and Asia – has long been an important trading partner and a go-to destination for German and Austrian companies.
With a population of almost 80 million and high growth rates, Turkey possesses a very attractive domestic market where products from German-speaking countries enjoy great popularity. The purchasing power of the Istanbul area alone compares to that of Denmark or Belgium, reason enough to not leave this potential untapped.

In Istanbul and Izmir, Rödl & Partner provides professional services through an interdisciplinary, multilingual team of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors. With close knowledge of the Turkish market, we provide effective, custom-tailored services to our clients.



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Prof. Dr. Metin Sagmanli


+90 (212) 310 – 14 00
+90 (212) 327 – 32 14

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 Contact in Germany

Martin Wambach

Managing Partner, Chief Digital Officer

+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 100
+49 (221) 94 99 09 – 900

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