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Kharkov is one of the major industrial centres in Ukraine, home to large mechanical engineering and metalworking plants, as well as the electrical, chemical, paper, printing and food industries. Excellent transport links additionally foster the concentration of industries in Kharkov.


Due to the aforementioned location strength, Rödl & Partner was one of the first German professional services firms to open its offices in Kharkov.


Our highly skilled, multilingual professionals in Kharkov – including accountants, attorneys at law, auditors and tax consultants – base their work on their knowledge of Ukrainian law, vast international experience and uniform corporate quality standards. Consequently, our interdisciplinary team ensures that our clients receive comprehensive support in the Ukrainian market, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.


Rödl & Partner Kharkov

Mykyty Homonenka Street 10,
61037 Kharkov

+380 57 7177 601
+380 57 7544 892

Contact in Kharkov

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Klaus Kessler


+380 44 5862 303
+49 911 9193 9058

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