Social responsibility

As an international professional services firm, we feel great responsibility resting upon us as accountants, auditors, lawyers, management and tax consultants, as well as actors within our society. Living up to this responsibility, we actively support one-off and long-term aid projects of national and international nature.

The centrepiece of our efforts: Rödl & Partner Children’s Fund

The Rödl & Partner Children’s Fund, established in 1994 on the initiative of Rödl & Partner colleagues, has made it its core mission to bring help to people, especially children, in a quick and non-bureaucratic fashion. Personal involvement and setting an example of dedication to helping others – this has been at the heart of our mission from the outset.
From financing medical treatments, developing an interactive CD-ROM for hearing-impaired children to purchasing specialist equipment, such as wheelchairs – we don't want to write cheques as anonymous donors and are committed to personally caring for persons in need who approach the Fund and supporting aid projects from the very beginning to the very end. Owing to our own engagement and involvement of our colleagues, we have initiated or supported many projects over recent years, with various partners lending their helping hand.
Our main projects in recent years involved support for the “Day-care entre for street children” in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Donations were also made for a musical charity event and for Christmas gifts for children in Vilnius.

Partner cities: Kharkiv-Nuremberg

PVerein-Logo.jpgAs an international professional servies firm, we are committed to tolerance, understanding and getting to know one another – all over the world. The partnership between Kharkiv and Nuremberg is thus especially close to our hearts.
With language courses, a library packed with German books, continuing education courses for German language teachers, business people and journalists, or art exhibitions and film screenings organised in the „Nuremberg House” in Charkiw, we have been bringing a piece of Germany to Ukraine over recent years – and thus we want to make a meaningful contribution to a further development of a constructive partnership between Eastern and Western Europe.
For more information on the Kharkiv-Nuremberg town partnership or many other projects please visit


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Head of Human Resources

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