Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid: Project “Schwalbennest” (Parsberg) – School supplies for the new school year


published on June 19, 2019


In June 2019 the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid visited the Pedagogical Centre St. Josef in the Upper Palatinate. The young residents of the residential group “Schwalbennest” were very happy about the visit - which was entirely dedicated to the guideline “Bearing responsibility”.


The “Schwalbennest” home (which literally translates as “swallow's nest”) is a therapeutic educational residential care group at the St. Joseph Pedagogical Centre in Parsberg. The St. Joseph Pedagogical Centre runs a support centre for emotional and social development as well as therapeutic educational day and residential care groups for children and young people. The Pedagogical Centre is part of the foundation Stiftung Seraphisches Liebeswerk Altötting (SLW) founded in 1889. SLW has seven locations in Bavaria offering facilities for children and young people who need special care and support. The “Schwalbennest” group offers placements for up to nine boys in its home, but this number is currently more than exceeded as 10 boys are placed at the care facility right now. The boys are between 6 and 14 years of age. Part of the children and young people in the care of the group attend kindergarten and the home's internal school. Other children are placed at the neighbouring schools, such as the support centre or the high school. As part of their residential care groups, care is provided to the children by five specialists and one trainee. 


The children and young people in the care of the Pedagogical Centre partly come from difficult family backgrounds and in the past had attention difficulties in classroom, partly due to ADHD. Due to their challenging behaviour and strong emotional difficulties, they are more frequently involved in conflict situations causing disruption to the school curriculum and disintegration of school materials. Therefore, in addition to the basic equipment that the children receive at the beginning of the school year, replacement materials must also be financed from the group’s budget so that the children can participate in the lessons.



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Therefore, the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid decided to implement a project in Germany this year and support the “Schwalbennest” home in Parsberg. The Rödl & Partner colleagues brainstormed together with the teachers what could be reasonably donated. It soon turned out that the children always need school supplies – in the past it was never easy to raise the necessary funds for this. Therefore, the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid donated a generous amount of school supplies: ranging from pencils and fountain pens to art tools, exercise books and pencil cases. There was something for every school student. In addition, we purchased a laptop that can be used for homework or entertainment.


When the donations were handed over, every child received a bag with their own new school supplies and there was a large package of exercise books, drawing blocks, etc. for the entire group. The children were extremely happy and handed our Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid colleagues a thank you poster they had prepared earlier. 


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