6th ASEAN Forum in Bangkok



Southeast Asia is one of the most diverse, vibrant and colorful regions in the world. This also applies to the business environment – with all the manifold chances and challenges that go with it. 

Successfully doing business in Southeast Asia requires an open-minded cultural understanding and an adap­table, quick-thinking decision-making capacity. To gain a sustainable foothold in ASEAN markets with their multi-facetted rules and dynamics, your business practices and entrepreneurial decisions constantly need to be adapted to the changing regulatory and market environment. 

In light of ongoing geopolitical crises, tensed trade politics and their effects that continue to shape today's (and tomorrow's) economic and political landscape in Southeast Asia, economic resilience and sustainable success are based more than ever on the ability to diversify and deepen regional and international partnerships, and on de-risking rather than de-coupling. We are looking forward to an exciting exchange of thoughts with you.

We gratefully look back on the Bangkok Premiere of our ASEAN Forum on 7 September 2023! 

Together with our most valued guest speakers and committed panelists Henning Glaser | Asian Governance Foundation (AGF), Amir Sinai | Beumer Group Thailand, Gunnar Stork | Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG and Marc Wachter | Messer Group Thailand, we had the pleasure to welcome more than 70 guests at Bangkok’s beautiful Kimpton Maa-Lai Hotel.
The manifold upheavals of the past years with an unprecedented pandemic and significant geopolitical shifts continue to shape the political and economic developments of our time. It is probably more important than ever to keep a watchful eye on global change, and to critically examine your entrepreneurial decisions on an ongoing basis in order to smoothly adapt them to changing frame-work conditions – especially in versatile cross-border business ventures.
Reflecting our variety in services and our grip of the region, our program covered some of the most important business essentials like successfully establishing or expanding your presence in South-east Asia and managing the manifold pitfalls of cross-border employment. Our internal and external experts also took a close look on some current topics like supply chain diversification and complex cross-border tax structuring. Last but not least, Henning Glaser provided our guests with a comprehensive and very lively keynote on the current geopolitical situation and what to expect for the near future, followed by our traditional panel discussion.
Our guests from a wide variety of business sectors not only took a chance on attending the expert sessions to obtain valuable information and gain new insights. They also engaged in lively discussions with our experts and their fellow guests to gain fresh inspiration and valuable new impulses on eye-level. 
We are already looking forward to the 7th ASEAN Forum in 2024! 


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