PAID – Payroll Accounting Information Dashboard


Our self-developed web tool with standardised workflows allows you to exchange all documents in compliance with the GDPR, to standardise accounting values and to present these in a customised report.

Since its launch in September 2018, PAID has become an integral part of our international payroll accounting services.

The following paragraphs will demonstrate the advantages you can enjoy with PAID. With the standardised workflow, we ensure that all activities within the payroll accounting are carried out on time. All steps have their own due date and are made available only to the appointed persons via our rights management system.


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The topic of data protection or GDPR conformity, which is important for Rödl partners in all areas, is supported once again by PAID. In the wake of the emergence of various file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Box and others, Rödl & Partner felt compelled to establish its own tool to ensure security and compliance with all regulations in the process. For this purpose, RDoX (Rödl & Partner Document eXchange) is fully linked to PAID and whenever documents are stored or retrieved, this secure document transmission system is also used.

What do we at Rödl & Partner understand by the standardisation of billing values? For us, this means on the one hand tearing down barriers across countries and languages, and on the other hand creating a common denominator by categorising wage types in a global report with automatic currency conversion.

All payroll values that are imported into PAID are provided with various attributes. As a result of this, our application knows, for example, that the Portuguese wage type “Vencimento” must be represented as a salary, this is also the reference wage type group and all values are specified in euros.


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After standardization, all data records can be exported, which we then convert into a format defined with you. This enables you to see how high the costs are in your individual locations, how they have developed, and how they are distributed per cost center and wage type group.


Since the first ten countries are now active and live, we are currently working on the rollout of PAID to all our locations to consolidate the data with modern interfaces.


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