Here is a selection of the main services we offer:


Support for investors

  • Response to investor questions within 24 hours
  • Fully authorised fiduciary and administrative fiduciary
  • Sending of notification of the tax result
  • Sending of tax results to the tax service
  • Retrieval of data for special business and professional expenses
  • Execution of change of shareholder in connection with a disposal, inheritance, or gift
  • Special service for international capital investments
  • Preparation and initiation of matters related to commercial registries
  • General administrative tasks



  • Regular reporting to the KVG (special AIF)
  • Preparation of an independent fiduciary report
  • Preparation of tax lists
  • Support for the preparation of reports
  • Support for the preparation of current account balances
  • General reporting


Payment transactions

  • Preparation of SEPA and DTA files
  • Preparation and execution of outgoing payments
  • Use of an e-banking portal
  • Support for setting up an account
  • Maintenance of the account data


  • Organisation and execution of shareholder meetings (in writing and also in person including preparation of the minutes)
  • Organisation, execution and recording of committee meetings
  • Support for and participation in information events


Customer portal

  • Provision of a protected customer portal
    • for an overview of investments
    • to change personal data, banking details, tax number, etc. (also online)
    • for a file archive specifically for the respective investor
    • Maintenance and administration of the customer portal

    Support for international capital investments

    • Communication in English
    • Support for the transfer of shares (international reporting)
    • Application for the respective foreign tax number
    • Sending of tax notifications to an international tax service
    • Legitimation according to US law

    Funds control

    • Checking and release of payments and budgets
    • Documentation of the release of funds
    • Reporting to initiators
    • Individual preparation of contracts for application of funds

    Security trustee

    • Holding and administration of claim-securing land charge in the land registry
    • Preparation and participation in the land charge


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Dr. Ralf Ellerbrok


+49 40 2292 975 80

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