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 Supply chain compliance

October 2023 | Special with 9 ARTICLES

The legislative trend towards binding human rights and environmental due diligence requirements in global supply chains continues. The French (LdV) and German Due Diligence Acts (LkSG) and the Norwegian Transparency Act are already being implemented. The EU draft directive on corporate due diligence on sustainability (CS3D) is expected to be adopted by the end of the year. More »


June 2023 | International Article Series

Entrepreneurial growth knows hardly any geographical boundaries. This is also true in times of aggravated conditions due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Looking positively ahead, overcoming the crisis also holds new opportunities. More »

 Newsletter Sanctions

Periodic Updates | Newsletter

The Newsletter Sanctions informs you about the latest news in the field of international sanctions. 
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 M&A Dialogue

Monthly Newsletter

The M&A Dialogue informs you about current topics in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions and capital markets law.


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 Newsflash ASEAN

Periodic updates | Newsletter  

The Newsflash ASEAN provides latest news on law, tax and business in ASEAN. This issue with news from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, is still dominated by news about turmoil resulting from the global pandemic situation. 

 India – The Lighthouse Talks

Ongoing video series

Watch our experts from India throw light on a wide range of topics including tax, compliance, finance, and much more. Through “The Lighthouse” series, a knowledge-sharing platform, you can stay easily updated with our short and informative interviews. Finance and tax discussions do not have to be dull anymore! More »

 Data Protection Bites

periodic updates | newsletter

The latest edition of our international newsletter is online, which aims at collecting all updates, news and insights on data protection issues, with particular attention to the GDPR. 

 Antitrust Law

February 2023 | Special with 8 ARTICLES

Antitrust law is both a risk and an opportunity for companies: Antitrust law violations represent a considerable risk for almost all companies, not only because of the threat of high fines. Companies can and should also use the instruments of antitrust law to their own advantage, for example if they have been harmed by antitrust violations by business partners or if they have to defend themselves against abusive behaviour by market-strong companies or digital gatekeepers. More »

 EU Plastic Tax as tax measure of the EU Green Deal

September 2022 | International article Series 

In order to meet the climate targets set within the Paris Agreement, the Euratom decision of December 14, 2020, introduced a “new plastic tax” to be paid by EU Member States on non-recycled plastic packaging waste. The relevant parameters of the plastic tax can be determined individually by the EU Member States.  More »

 International supply chains

September 2022 | Special with 25 ARTICLES

With the introduction of the new Supply Chain Law in 2021, Germany embarked on uncharted legal territory. Although the due diligence requirements of the Law are basically known and internationally connectable, as they are based on the due diligence standard of the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights, just like the German National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights of 2016. More »

 Shanghai – Back to normal


Lockdowns in China have not been unknown in the last two years, but with the lockdown in Shanghai, which has lasted for more than eight weeks, the Chinese government's strict zero covid policy has taken on a new dimension. With the official end of the lockdown on 1. June 2022, another package of measures was launched to enable the struggling economy to recover more quickly. More »

 Value Added Tax (VAT) Guidelines

March 2022 | Worldwide Article Series

VAT Fellows wants to be a fellow, a companion and partner for your initial orientation, for entrepreneurs, companies and interested parties doing or planning business nationally and abroad. We are pleased to provide you with a summary basis for understanding the key facts of domestic Indirect Taxation, especially Value Added Tax (VAT) rules. More »

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